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Slim Jim Techniques Applied By Locksmith

Locked Keys in Cars Near Me can be easily brought out by applying the Slim Jim technique. Such a technique is applicable both for the manual and central locking system. In such a technique there is no role of the keyhole for bypassing the lock. Locksmith uses a narrow slim Jim tool and passes it from the narrow opening of the window directly to the inside bottom of the car door. Before applying such a technique, a locksmith must ensure that the car must have upright locks. Passing slim Jim knife from window or door space is not easy to make such things happened locksmith prefer to take help from wedge system. Such a system creates a little gap between car door and body and such thing enables the easy passage of knife for uplifting the locking latch.

Everyone learns such techniques with a minimum of ten minutes of practice but performing on other vehicles without any permission and supervision of professional locksmith will consider as a serious criminal offense.