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Lever Handle Lock From Locksmith In Hackensack Nj

For the commercial sector locksmith hackensack nj shows much importance. They got a big contract for them. In new jersey, there is a trend running very fast for the use of lever handle lock on the doors. Every hotel or commercial building can be equipped with such types of locks. Appearance-wise it is trendy and in terms of security, it works in the double secure mechanism. Two types of systems are used, one is temporary and the other is permanent. Just the use of a lever will act as a temporary unlocking of the door. Below this lever a keyhole is placed, to make locking permanent with the use of a mechanical key. Both keyholes and lever share the same metal plate for their installation. Its working is simple.

First, apply the key to the right side direction hold it there and after that slide, the lever handles down, only after that door gets unlocked. If you try to unlock the door without the use of the actual key then this not going to have happened. From inside you can use a thumb turn lock instead of the key-related programmed lock.

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