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If you have been you locked out of your home or are unable to get back in since you’ve misplaced your keys the locks around your home will need to be renewed at some point. It could be your lock cylinders need rekeying. Guardian Best Locksmith CO. focuses in high security upgrades and household security systems. Trust our organization of residential locksmiths in Evanston IL to deliver the service you are looking for.

Lock Change

Locks wear out overtime. The latch or bolt breaks and the lock cylinder get damaged through intense use. At some point, this locks need to be changed or fixed. Our residential locksmith in Evanston IL remains up to date with all the current lock patterns and residential security concerns.

Rekey Locks

If you’ve been locked out, have kicked out a tenant, brought new property, our nearby locksmith can rekey the locks and give you a new key for the locks. As soon as one of our techs is inside your house, the lock cylinder will be taken apart and the pins will be decrypted. From this indication, a key corresponding the one that you misplaced could be created. If you need multiple replicates, just tell us and we’ll do it for you.

Hardware or Locks Installation

Workers that build houses containing one lever handle or knob on the existing doors presents a safety threat as the dead latches on the lever handles and knobs don’t stretch distant enough into the door jamb. Putting in a new deadbolt above the knob on all existing doors is the best way to handle this concern. Our residential Locksmith contains all the knowledge and up to date equipment to complete any job handed to them. Security strike plates can as well be set up for added reinforce the door jamb.

Cabinet Door Locks

Need to have cabinets secured and locked up? Whatever the cause might be we install cabinet door locks. Whether it is important documentation, alcoholic beverages, or firearms we can install new cabinet’s door locks without causing damage your cabinet’s doors.


Forgot the combination to your safe or just no longer opens up and is malfunctioning? We are very experienced with this and will open the safe and reinstate its former security level. If the combination no longer uncovers your safe, merely call us and we’ll be there on behalf of you.


We at Guardian Best Locksmith well propose reinstating the passcode brand lock to avoid any comparable problem from happening in the future. A digital electronic lock remains one of the elite substitutes to consider. Barring replacing the combo whenever you want, entering your safe will additionally be painless with this replacement. We can also change the current locks on your safe call us and will send a residential Locksmith to you.

We also furnish decorative locks if you are looking for something more elegant in your household. Call us today (224) 265-2741. We are always enthusiastic to help!

Here is an expanded list of all our residential locksmith service:

  • Home Lockouts
  • Change Locks
  • Lock Installations
  • Repair Locks
  • Rekeying Locks
  • Master Key
  • Fresh Installations of Locks
  • Decorative Locks Baldwin, Omnia, Emtek and More…
  • Handles Sets
  • Deadbolts
  • Door Locks
  • Opening Safes
  • High Security Locks
  • Mail Box Change
  • Unlock a Mail Box
  • Upgrade Lock Security
  • Intercom Systems
  • Buzzer Systems
  • Access Control
  • Fingerprint Locks
  • Alarms
  • Security Cameras